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Drawing Dining Partition Design

Modern partition walls and room dividers are a unique form of adding decorative accents to functional interior design, and can be used to make smaller and cozier personal spaces, separate functional zones or add a touch of privacy to living spaces. Make your drawing & dining more attractive and aesthetical.

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There are 12 types of Drawing Dining Partition Designs. Choose the code of your choice here or share your favorite design with us. Pricing will be based on your needs. So feel free to contact us for any queries or pricing details and let us know about the design of your choice. Contact: 01674-831932

Sometimes a wooden partition, like this one with laser-cut patterns, adds to the aesthetics of the room. It perfectly complements the mural on the entrance wall.

This wooden partition is built at the entrance of the living area. It features several elements, including a latticed-screen on one side that hides the staircase from direct view.

The vertical strips of wood in the center ensure that the natural light coming in from the garden is not blocked. It has display shelves for accessories and is open on both sides, allowing easy access in and out of the room.

This beautiful laser-cut wooden partition not only provides support for sofa, but also tucks away the living area from the rest of the home. The gorgeous design brings a luxurious look to the living room.

A wooden crockery unit that partitions the living and the dining room is functional as well. While one side with cabinets and shelves serves as a crockery unit, the other side facing the living room becomes the TV unit or a place to display décor accessories.

When the room is vast, the free space may become overwhelming if not controlled well. A beautiful partition with latticework in white is in sync with the colour of the wall and provides relief by defining the rooms within a large hall.

The interior designer has used the space creatively to create a wall with greenery on the wooden room divider. The lower portion has solid wood and is used as the back wall for the sofa in the living room as well as a crockery cabinet in the dining room. The top section is used to add refreshing greenery to the hall with plants and planters.

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